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Cash back guarantee if pool villas does't match with detail
The pool villa has been reviewed on the website. to provide customers with information that meets their needs. Be able to request to change pool villas or get cash back (cash discount for next booking) from website if pool villas detail doesn't match when checking-in
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Find the pool villa you want. You can reserve via the website immediately. with 24 hour service staff
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Free of charge with credit card and installment up to 36 months
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Cash Back

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Get cash back (Get-Point) from all booking and Get-point can be cash discount for your next booking.The more you book, Get-point can be up to 5%. you can review member class detail from link below
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Special discount from famous restaurant in your pool villas district area
Each Member class receive special discounts for restaurants and activities by showing Member class and booking through Get Pool Villa website. Check the participating shops in each province area by Official Line : @GetPoovillas